Oil painting Collage 4 by Kiki Mcgrath

Collage 4

Anonymous panel painting (1283) of St. Clare with scenes from her life. Originally an altar screen in the Byzantine style I collaged it on gold foil and incised shapes from the altarpiece into the paper.

Description: This monumental panel painting of Saint Clare of Assisi (1194-1253), also known as a dossal or altar screen, shows the saint standing at over life size and surrounded by individual scenes from her life. Beginning at the bottom left of the dossal and moving clockwise, the scenes include Clare receiving a palm from Bishop Guido of Assisi, Clare and her companions eloping to the chapel of Porziuncola to meet Saint Francis, Saint Francis cutting Clare’s hair and dressing her in her habit, Clare’s relatives attempting to retrieve her from the convent of Sant’Angelo di Panzo, Clare’s sister Agnes joining the convent and is beaten by her relatives, Clare miraculously multiplying bread, Clare having a vision of the Virgin Mary and holy virgin saints on her deathbed, and finally the death of Saint Clare. Clare herself faces the viewer frontally within an architectural frame composed of pointed arches and columns with acanthus leaf capitals. Two flying angels assist Clare by holding her halo.

Clare of Assisi was born to a wealthy Umbrian family and her mother, Ortolana, was particularly devout. Clare put off marriage until she turned 18, at which point she became familiar with the teachings of Saint Francis of Assisi and left her family to follow him. Despite her family’s protests and attempts at forcibly removing her, Clare stayed on and eventually founded her